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Sun, 30 Jan 2000 20:35:59 -0500

At 11:54 PM 1/23/00 -0800, you wrote:
>just a question (please regard this as a devil's advocate speaking):
>might it be in ECC's best interest to NOT publicize the situation for fear
>of other people (like the AC/DC labels' lawyers not to mention prince's
>label's and public enemy's and herb alpert's and so on and so forth) to
>threaten even MORE legal actions?????

     When I first read this I kind of slapped my head... hey, maybe he's
right! But in thinking about it, I don't think it's a big issue... reasons

<> AC/DC's lawyers probably won't care. Why? 'cuz CBS already did their
work for them!
<> Public Enemy is unlikely to do anything. I haven't told many, but I
actually have a copy of the Whipped Cream Mixes single that's signed by
Chuck D himself... I shit thee not. I gotta scan that in someday.
<> Prince/Le Arteeest probably won't care because people are no longer
partying like it's 1999.
<> Herb Alpert's the only one left, and he's probably too big (and the
source materials' too old) to take notice.

>i mean, i wouldn't fault anyone for keeping quiet because the whole
>creation and distribution of appropriative art such as ECC's is dependent
>upon working "under the radar", no? and if you can't afford to fight the
>legal battle then working this way makes perfect sense.

     In a way, yes. But that radar level is changing, especially in the
last few years with the sudden explosion of DJ culture and
electronica/techno. However, should that radar even be there in the first
place? I don't think so -- the "radar" is the watchful eye of the big
brotherocracy of multinational media corporations. They just keep getting
bigger and merging and growing more, and that -should- mean that they won't
notice things like this as much -- but C'MON, they're raising a fuss of a
SEVEN INCH SINGLE? Don't they have anything better to do? Apparently not.
But in the end what we -do- is not dependent on being under the radar...
it's our -distribution- that's dependent. I think that even if The ECC gets
an actual suit out of this it won't really change a lot of what we do...
but it probably will make it harder for others to hear it.

>in fact, i wonder if it's just a big bluff...?

     I wouldn't be surprised, or at least, they might not have serious
plans to pursue this, but they might make them depending on our reaction to
this. I decided to do a search on our CBS legal eagle's name, and did
notice that he'd sent a similar looking threat to a site which had a brief
snippet from a 13-year-old aircheck of Howard Stern. In that case the site
backed down and didn't fight it.

>fight the powers that be.

     "Rather... was a hero to most, but he didn't mean shit to me..."

("...motherfuck him and Tom Brokaw!")

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