Re: [rumori] Times Copyright Infringement Roman

Andrew Lander (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:45:11 PST

>From: Nicola Battista <>

>you can always say your font is a PARODY... ;)

THAT's the problem! I said it was a "backhanded tribute". I guess if I
want to appropriate I've gotta be more insulting. The more mutilated, the
better. (Meanwhile a parody font, tentatively called Morontype, is under

It's amazing how vicious some of the "Font Police" are, even more so than
typical copyright lawyers. The font world actually has copyright
vigilantes, who aren't actually lawyers but impersonate them, or act as
unpaid informants and lookouts. A few of these people actually advocate

I've posted this before (before it moved), but those interested can check

Andrew Lander
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