[rumori] An amusing thing to do with Napster (fwd)

Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:29:09 -0800 (PST)

this is a pretty funny idea. sort of the opposite of sampling.

(Napster, btw, seems to be some sort of windoze app that helps you search
for mp3s and store and play them and also chat about them and whatever


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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 08:14:58 GMT
From: Mark Linsenmayer <markATmail.utexas.edu>
Newsgroups: austin.music, austin.internet
Subject: An amusing thing to do with Napster

Here's a little game I've been playing with Napster recently:

I noticed that a number of tunes people have on there are misattributed,
i.e. said to be by the wrong group or with a wrong title or whatever. I
also noticed that pretty much the main useful function of Napster for
someone who already owns lots of albums is to search for hard-to-find
(e.g. soundtrack-only, B-sides, whatever) titles by one's favorite

An amusingly jerky, self-serving thing to do is to take one of your own
songs (preferably very short and very entertaining; I use the one that's
about a minute long called "The Nipple Song," which, incidentally can be
obtained from http://www.mp3.com/MarkLint ... If you don't have any
suitable songs yourself I urge you to go ahead and use mine. :) ) and
make about 30 copies of it, naming each one something "The Beatles (aka
Mark Lint)-The Nipple Song" or "U2 (aka Mark Lint)-The Nipple Song" or
"Jewel (aka Mark Lint)-The Nipple Song."

Should you then spend time hanging around connected to a Napster server,
you get to help in spreading beautiful beautiful harmless chaos, plus
there's the offhand chance of extra distribution of your material,
especially if you pseudonym your tune to a band that some fool might for
a short time think did put out your tune.

-ML (http://imagiware.com/~mark)

Other people wrote:
> > >
> > > Some time ago I claimed here that Napster was putting users in serious
> legal
> > > jeopardy. Here's a much better explanation than mine:
> >
> > Don't violate the copyright, and you won't be in jeapordy.
> >
> > Rough concept?
> That's pretty much it.

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