[rumori] australia responds to time warner aol

shannon o'neill (aliasATcia.com.au)
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 17:28:19 +1100

Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 14:41:30 +1100
From: zina+kaye <zinaATlaudanum.net>
Subject: australia responds to time warner aol

from australia: political response to timewarneraol

it's rare that a commercial event could sway the very nature of
international broadcasting.<

in response to the merger of timewarneraol, a group of radio broadcasters
are producing a short program to be aired simultaneously over a number of
radio stations in the sydney area. this political action will be accompanied
by net broadcasts and a cd. if you would like to participate in this
action, or offer support in any way, please contact laudibleATlaudanum.net

zina kaye/ hydrogen jukebox / 2res
shannon o'neill / furthermore / 2mbs
scott horscroft / radio alice / 2ser
the more the better,,,,

broadcast day: 9 feb 2000
this mix will also be available at l'audible http://laudanum.net
and on cd for re-broadcast at will.

l'audible AT house of laudanum
po box 950, darlinghurst nsw 1300, australia
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