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Hello People,

People Like Us and Don Joyce are currently in Belgium, and will be
broadcasting on Radio Campus in Brussels from 11.30 to er, sometime after
that on Monday evening, Belgium time (+1 hours - i.e: 2.30 pm west coast of
America). The show SHOULD be webcast and we will HOPEFULLY have a phoneline
into the desk! So maybe you would like to try and listen or even call us.

The phone number is: +32 2 640 87 17
If you are in Brussels the frequency is 107.2
MAYBE (!) webcast on http://www.brussels2000.org/distortedmedia
For more info on repeat transmissions of this show go to
http://www.brussels2000.org/radiolab - check in few days once they have time
to post this up.

Au Revoir and don`t say hello,

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