[rumori] pimmon on furthermore tonight

shannon o'neill (aliasATcia.com.au)
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 15:51:02 +1100

tonight on furthermore we will be joined by
sydney sound artist paul gough a.k.a. pimmon.

pimmon is a leading exponent of microscopic digital sound
but has roots in the experimental music scene of the early 80's
(a particularly vibrant time in australian music).

he recently amazed audiences at the 'what is music' festival
playing solo, and alongside members of mego.

tune in tonight for 90 minutes of pimmon, including
an interview, live performance, and previews of forthcoming releases.

furthermore... <http://www.cia.com.au/alias/furthermore>
tonight (wednesday) from midnight to 3a.m. sydney time (1300-1600 gmt/utc)
on 2mbs-fm, 102.5MHz <http://www.cia.com.au/alias/2mbs>
and netcast on fl*live <http://laudanum.net/fl*live>


ps: ob: plunderphonic: check out pimmon's 'top40fodder'
reworkings of 'classic hits' at <http://fals.ch>

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