[rumori] PLU NEWS March 2000

Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 12:23:16 +0100

Hi all,

There will be some new and re-releases by People Like Us in the next few
months, and also more live dates.

PARIS - tomorrow and Saturday
People Like Us will be playing at The Exit Festival at La Maison Des Arts
in Créteil, Paris this Friday and Saturday night (17th/18th). The nearest
Metro is Créteil Préfecture on line 8.

For more directions on the Festival, look on the website:
but I'm afraid I don't know when in the evening I will be playing and how
much it will be because I can't find PLU on the website...!!! But this IS
happening, honest!

EDINBURGH - 30th March

At Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street, Edinburgh (behind the Burger King
at the Balmoral Hotel end of Princes Street.) The doors open at 8pm, PLU on
sometime after 10pm. The Telstar Ponies are also playing, as well
as Tony Morley from Leaf records who is djing. There will be a
selection of short films in the downstairs room, featuring Steven
Morrisons 'Frog', and the award winning documentary into the life of
the House of Dubois,'Frustration causes Accidents'. Tickets are £7 and
are available from Avalanche records in Edinburgh, Ripping Records in
Edinburgh and John Smiths (Byres Road branch) and Missing Records in Glasgow.

NEW YORK - 10th/11th May
More details nearer the date, but PLU, Matt Wand, Jansky Noise and
Speedranch will be invading NY on these dates.

There may well be a PLU DJ set in PORTLAND shortly after.

Now, releases -

"The Thermos Explorer" on Hot Air is not out yet. It WILL be soon and I'll
let people know when this will be and where you can get it from.

The "Hate People Like Us" Remix single version CD is now on Caciocavallo
for Europe. This is a new sub-label of Soleilmoon. Distribution is being
organised at the moment for each country, since Staalplaat are not dealing
with PLU, or Caciocavallo for Europe. The Staalplaat Double Remix CD was
deleted after the first print and will not be reissued.

There is a track on a compilation CD by Vaseline, the label of Xper. Xr.
All tracks are on the subject of Love. As in the THING, not the group,
although they are very nice too. This compilation is out maybe now, if not
very soon. Check here for distribution details. If you are a distributor,
they are seeking assistance too.

People Like Us/The Jet Black Hair People/Wobbly will be on the next Touch
label Sampler CD. The track was recorded on KZSU in Stanford, California
in September 1999. For release details check http://www.touch.demon.co.uk

PLU/JBHP/Wobbly will have the track "If Someone Touches You" on the
imminent etoy compilation CD, alongside many other sample annoyers.

April 18, 2000 sees the reissue of two deleted vinyl releases on one CD -
"Lassie House"/"Jumble Massive" (Caciocavallo CAD 9)

June 20, 2000 will be a frightening day for America, when PLU vomits their
worst nightmares back onto one nice little disc and serves with a hot sauce -
"A Fistful of Knuckles" CD (Caciocavallo CAD 10)

OK, that's it. If you want to get off of this list please write and it
will be done.



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