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Ian Reddy (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 12:30:21 -0500 (EST)

>Another list that I'm on has been discussing mp3.coms vetoing music that
>includes samples. In some instances this has apparently included banning
>tracks that feature copyright free samples...A couple of the posters stated
>that they often resubmit works that have been blocked and that they usually
>get them accepted after say 3 or 4 attempts. Maybe it's down to who you get
>checking your stuff, or perhaps the only listen to brief selections from
>each submission...
>Have any of the people here who've had their music turned down for this
>reason tried to resubmit it? Any success?

Yes, I had a number of tracks rejected, it occured to me to resend them
later and they all made it..except one track, the same guy listened to it
and he said "This is the LAST time I will deal with this track" like he's
an angry parent threatening to disciplin his kid or something. One guy, has been rejecting everything recently though, if he hears
a vocal sample then it gets rejected because one track I made was an
ambient peice where the vocals come from a phone conversation with my best
friend. However I sent him mail complaining and he let the track go online.

More recently I uploaded a track containing samples from the band
Motorhead, the movie Akira, and some guitar noises I got from the Jello
Biafra with DOA album and it was originally rejected. I sent an email to
the guy saying "You're wrong, there are no copywritten items in this
song" and the song went online within like four hours. Some tracks I do
were rejected and they'll probably never get past the copyright cops on so what I do is add them to and then where you can
add HTML to your site I have a link to my site and say
"Get the tracks rejected"

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