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matt davignon (
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 13:18:10 PST

I tried to submit the entire contents of a "Found Sound" Cd compilation I
arranged. They rejected all but 2 tracks. In fact, 4 of the tracks that they
rejected were already posted on different artists' pages. Of course, it's
becuase they're in legal trouble resulting from their "my" idea,
which was discussed in depth here a while ago.

They do have different listeners, who have slightly different opinions on
what is "legal" and not (maybe even some who don't agree with the new
standards). So I could see how re-posting it would work. Since the new rules
went into effect, I have posted a few really blatant rip-offs and had them
get on (like the CD improvisation "I like the world").

My best advice would be to keep your eyes open, and look for a different
home for your material.

It turns out that one of the guys on the CD I mentioned at the top opened
his own site at Columbia University, so the entire contents of the disc are
available as mp3 at under the heading "works".

Oh shoot, was that a plug? I'm sorry, I swear it was an accident!

Matt Davignon

>From: "Paul" <>
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>Subject: [rumori]
>Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 13:36:42 -0000
>Another list that I'm on has been discussing mp3.coms vetoing music that
>includes samples. In some instances this has apparently included banning
>tracks that feature copyright free samples...A couple of the posters stated
>that they often resubmit works that have been blocked and that they usually
>get them accepted after say 3 or 4 attempts. Maybe it's down to who you
>checking your stuff, or perhaps the only listen to brief selections from
>each submission...
>Have any of the people here who've had their music turned down for this
>reason tried to resubmit it? Any success?
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