Re: [rumori] plunderphonia, and other words

nakedrabbit (
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 12:44:07 -0700

>Finally, if you want to talk
>about general phenomena, use a more general descriptor. In this case that
>means saying something like "sample-based composition" or "audio
>appropriation" instead of "plunderphonic music".

Not to be too technically nit-picky, but I would also caution against
arguing about the first "sample-based" compositions that are discussed
before the invention of the sampler. "Sampling" specifically refers to
an aspect of the technology used to process sound by digital means, store
the information, and replay it. It is jargon, but it's well-defined.
Saying that a Beatles' record is "sampled" when it is, in fact, a
tape-collage, is a little too general a use of the term for my tastes.

>sorry, this was probably too many words about words. but my aim is to make
>future discussions a little more clear.

I'm with ya. Otherwise we dilute the terms and end up saying that EVERY
piece of music is plundered and sampled.

>"Everything in Los Angeles is too large, too loud, and usually banal
> in concept... the plastic asshole of the world."
> -William Faulkner

Well, Faulkner was an old drunk, anyway, and I never cared for his books,
so what did he know about my lovely city?

In any event, I am actually too large (over 800 pounds, 7 foot 9) too
loud ( 140 decibels at full volume, last measured) and indeed, after my
surgery I was fitted with a plastic asshole, a remarkable new development
that is really more comfortable than my "original" orifice. So perhaps
he wasn't far off the mark.

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