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>I'm sure many have defined it but havent suceeded in turning it into a
>"brand", like Oswald has essentially done with the word plunderphonics.

     The ECC will be making an attempt to coin our term for it:


     It'll likely be either the title of the next ECC CD (due in a few
months) or possibly will be deferred to our esteemed colleague, DJ
Pantshead, for his full-length.

     As for using the term "sampling" only in talking about computer-based
collage, I disagree. I think that "sampling" should be a term devoid of the
technology currently employed to work with it; I was just as happy to call
it "sampling" when I was working only with analog tape splicing/crash
editing techniques. After all, it's not a term derived from a computer
process or anything, it just means to take a sampling of a whole. You can
sample the rutabaga pudding by swiping your finger through it and licking
it... no computers used. Of course, making a nice-to-listen-to song out of
the rutabaga pudding is best left to experienced musicians... er,
samplicians? Something.

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