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Steev Hise (
Sun, 16 Apr 2000 20:32:57 -0700 (PDT)

Sun, 16 Apr 2000 found Jason J. Tar writing:

>I could be wrong, but isn't that the basic premise behind
>MACOS? (Musicians Against the Copyright of Samples)
>Odd that MACOS never gets mentioned around here....

you're right, it is sort of odd. They are linked to from detritus' rhizome
page; but i don't think we've ever said much about them on this list.
maybe because most of the time the discussion here has been about OUR
right to TAKE from others, not what others are going to be allowed to do
with our stuff.

I think MACOS is an important piece of the puzzle. They're coming at it
from exactly the opposite direction. I just looked at their site again
and there's a couple interesting things i noticed - first, everything is
called a "product". It's all about denoting your "product" as a "MACOS
product". This kind of disturbs me. Second, nowhere on their site that i
have seen do they say anything about bootlegging, or the difference
between partial and entire use. Nowhere do they say whether the MACOS
policy restricts someone from just grabbing your entire "MACOS product" CD
and selling it under some other name (or even under your name) and
keeping all the money.

So, MACOS seems to only have part of the answer, to my mind. Of course
there may not be just one answer. Perhaps everyone needs to just state
what their own personal policy and position is when they release something
to the world. It's just like in open source software, where there are
several slightly different "open source licenses" - the GPL, the Lesser
GPL, the BSD license, the X Windows license, the Artistic License, the
Mozilla Lincense, etc etc. Everyone has a slightly different idea of how
they want their stuff to be treated.


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