Re: [rumori] that circle with the C in it.

Erick Gallun (
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:18:50 -0700

>However, I propose that what we really need is some other symbol, some
>other thing we can put on our work, that sets us apart from the Composers
>and the Corporations but still protects us. Something that says "If you
>sample me I realize it would be really hypocritical to sue you. But if
>you'd like to use some of this for your
>movie/commercial/compilation/whatever, let's talk, maybe we can reach an
>agreement. I do have a lawyer, but he's on a tight leash." Does that make

I favor a recycling symbol. Simple, well-recognized. I don't want my work
stolen, I want it transformed. Nobody could argue that stealing a pair of
tires is recycling them, but a pair of shoes made from an old tire is a
work of art.

That being said, I do include a copyright on my albums. Why? Because I
think that it is right for copyright to cover piracy. I would be unhappy
if Sony sold my album and kept the profits. Currently, a recycling symbol
is an artistic statement, not a legal one.

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