Re: [rumori] new announce list

Jon Leidecker (
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:04:00 -0700

>hi all,
> I've started a new mailling list, "".

Well that's funny but since the gig's tomorrow I'll abuse this specific
listserver one last time.

I wanted to announce a radio performance tomorrow night tuesday the 18th on
kzsu fm stanford, real audio at so's not to
alienate any non-bay-area folks (as if anyone north of San Mateo can get
kzsu anyway)

somewhere around 7:30 Wobbly (me, argh) will be performing version 1.9 of
'Wild Why', live mixes of material sourced directly and entirely (except
for the Enoch Light and Adelade Hall samples) from the local commercial
hip-hop station 94.9 FM.

That will be followed somewhere around 8 by the performance debut of the
implausible group Pepito, latin post-rock electronic song-based material.

Tune in perhaps, I really don't know, and hello.


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