[rumori] [Detritus Announcement] #1: April 2000

Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 11:37:37 -0700 (PDT)


This message is the first of what will be regular announcements
regarding "new" "content" at Detritus.net, the website dedicated
to recycled culture, and recent or upcoming events involving Detrivores
and other relevant artists. These updates will happen no more than once a
week and hopefully no less than once a month.

Note: You may be receiving this first announcement without asking for it.
We here at Detritus.net are as opposed to spam as anyone. Please don't get
snappy until you read this paragraph. If you were sent this, it's because
you 1) signed up to be on this "announce" list, or 2) you're a member of 1
or both of 2 very relevant lists, Snuggles or Plunderphonia, or 3) you
otherwise expressed interest in Detritus.net. Those of you who fall into
the second category will NOT receive further announcements, unless you
personally sign up. The rest of you may unsubscribe, if you wish, by
following the instructions at the end of this message.

Now, to the actual news:


Several new reasons to come back to the site are now on-line.
There's a little for everyone, and that's only the tip of the coming

1. Mystery Tape MP3s: Kissing Jesus in the Dark
 We have mp3 files of several of John Oswald's Mystery Tapes that we will
be offering online in the coming months, thanx to the generosity of Lloyd
Dunn and Jon Leidecker. This first one dates back from 1983 and includes
the amazing pause-edit masterpiece "Funky X".

2. Why Do We Appropriate? by Bob Boster
 A thoughtful essay we've finally managed to put on the site after much

3. A New Detritus Project: The Anti-Ad Server
 Tired of the commercialized web? We are, and we've built a new tool you
can use to fight back. The Anti-Ad Server is a repository of parody
banner ads contributed by various designers. By linking to the site with
the right html code, you can place random fake banners on your pages that
randomly link to a variety of anti-commercial, culture-jamming sites.
This project is just getting started, so we need more material.
If you're a designer and would like to contribute some anti-ads, write to

4. Reorganized Rhizome
 Rhizome, our bibliography of relevant artists, art, and references, is
now divided up into separate pages for its several different categories.
We're also always adding new entries so take another look now and then.
Pay particular attention to the brand new Legal section.

**************** EVENTS *******************************

Here's where we shamelessly plug the upcoming activities of
the Detrivores, the artists who are hosted on Detritus.net, as well as
other relevant cultural workers.

April 30: Bob Ostertag in Meldola, Italy.
Bob will be performing his "Yugoslavia Suite". Other European and
Canadian dates are coming up as well. see

May 5-7: The 1st annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
 A three-night extravaganza featuring 12 SF Bay Area performers and
installation artists at Cellspace, 2050 Bryant Street in San Francisco.
Special guests are Alvin Curran, Paul DeMarinis, and Kenneth Atchley.
Detrivores involved are Steev Hise (May 6) and Carl Stone (May 5 and 6).
For more information, see http://sfemf.org

May 10-12 : People Like Us will be playing as part of a 3-day
event in Brooklyn, including others such as Stock, Hausen & Walkman, Pan
Sonic, and Jim Thirlwell.
see http://peoplelikeus.org/seventhframe.htm for more info on that and
other PLU gigs coming up.

May 13: Wobbly will take part in KZSU's "Day of Noise". Exact time to be
announced. ( see kzsu.stanford.edu closer to the date.)
KZSU will also be doing a show on the "History of Sampling" later in May,
which will probably include interviews with Steev Hise and Wobbly.

The Evolution Control Committee has some shows on the East Coast coming
up, but we're not sure when yet. write to infoATevolution-control.com for

May 19: Cultural Resistance event in Brussels, Belgium.
Brussels is the cultural capitol of Europe this year, and it's
sponsoring an event about cultural resistance. Steev Hise of Detritus.net
is flying over just to take part. Other participants include RTmark, Etoy,
Leonardo Journal, Jos Smolders, and more. More information is at
http://www.dbonanzah.org/cure/eventMay19/ , but unfortunately it's in
Dutch only. If anyone can translate, please contact infoATdetritus.net.

Through June 18: Sonic Boom: The Art of Sound
At London's Hayward Gallery. Includes work by Christian Marclay, John
Oswald, Pan Sonic, Ryoji Ikeda, and more.
see http://www.hayward-gallery.org.uk/visualarts/


That's all for now. Thanx for your support.

Steev Hise

"Like mice placed in a jar of oxygenated
 fluid, capital's shift to non-material
 symbolic systems of exchange locks it in
 a series of spasms as it learns to stop
  breathing air and begins to breathe bits."
                  -Patrick Lichty, "Grasping at Bits"

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