Re: [rumori] recordings of "public domain" works + Bitter Sweet sampling ;)

Nicola Battista (
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 14:47:31 +0200

>What I'm waiting for is the copyright suit where someone infringes on a
>recording where the composition and recording rights are owned by
>conflicting interests. Actually, that recent Verve case, anyone have the
>court decision on that one handy? Their song utilized a sample of a string
>orchestra playing Rolling Stones hits and they lost 100% of their royalties
>from the single. I'll go looking for the decision.

I don't think there is a court decision on that, anyway in that case it
wasn't Rolling Stones's fault from what I know... If I'm not wrong the
Stones ex-manager who for some reason has the rights to the song
(publisher?) also owns the rights to the orchestral cover (either he was
the conductor or he owned master recordings...). So he had claims on both
publishing and recording rights... and ended up stealing both (if I was
Richard Ashcroft I would sue the guy as lyrics and all other instruments in
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" are original, not sampled from other sources...
okay now please don't kill me with another thread on what's "original" and
what's "unique" and how can you "create" something... ;))))))))

Now -sorry if this seems a publicity thing- ;) the funny side in all this
is that I already did what Ashcroft never thought to do. A couple of years
ago I've made a jungle/drum'n'bass track with the same orchestral sample.
Then I removed the same and copyrighted the backing track with Italian
society SIAE, under the title "D'n'B delirium".
Now if my track (basically an electronic version of Bitter Sweet Symphony)
comes out, it has to be credited as a medley between the Stones/Verve title
and my own track. Okay, I am still risking for the recording copyright...

Incidentally, months ago I was licensing stuff to a site called, for compilations and digital downloads.
When CDuctive was bought by, my Kutmusic and Ecl3ctic releases
under CDuctive ended up on their site. First of all Emusic messed the two
labels (Kutmusic is electronic/dance/sampling/experimental, while Ecl3ctic
is mostly third party stuff I distribute in any style). Then CDuctive had a
demo cd of my productions plus more stuff from some of my friends, just for
evaluation (not for publishing as is); by mistake they thought it was a
compilation of mine and released it. They even added a crappy "review"
mentioning the Italian electronic scene (half of the tracks on that cd
actrually come from friends in Austria, Holland etc... ;)))) and (ugh)
called me the "legendary Dj Batman".
I asked to remove it as that wasn't the format in which those tracks were
meant to be released.
Anyway if ya wanna have some fun there is a real audio and mp3 preview of
what I did to the Stones track, before it gets removed. The remix will
reappear on this and other sites sooner or later--- but as I told ya NOT IN

the link to Kutmusic page on Emusic is
and the fake compilation is under Kutmusic Compilations.

Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista

"Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief"

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