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Steev Hise (
Mon, 1 May 2000 08:23:04 -0700 (PDT)

30 Apr 2000 found writing:

> And on other topic, I've got a question about the Detritus site.
>What's with the archive? I love the links that are there (of course),
>but how can I get to all the other stuff on the site? For example, I
>lost the link to the Mystery Tapes MP3 set and I don't see it on the
>site anywhere. Also, I remember ECC's "Gunderphonics" being available
>somewhere on the site too - but I can't find a link there either. Are
>there other goodies lurking on the server somewhere?

I made the announcement the other day before actually linking to
the new content from anywhere, and i still havent had time to do that.
but i will soon.

as for the gunderphonics tracks, try .


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"All art up to now has been merely a substitute for the Internet."
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