[rumori] The Importance of Mistakes

Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Thu, 04 May 2000 16:24:38 +0200


If anyone can help the people below then that would be great. They're from
Sonar - the Barcelona Festival. The rumori and plunderphonia lists must
have many subscribers who look for this all of the time, like I do. Please
reply direct to them - not me or the list.



>From: catsonarATcccb.org
>To: peoplelikeusAThinge.mistral.co.uk
>Subject: helpppppp!
>Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 16:57:35 +0200
>> hola there. here ana+roc now contacting you as journalists.
>> we have a request, an easy and silly request. we are working in an issue
about mistakes and we need some examples. what we want you to do is just to
think for a minute in any kind of mistakes you have noticed in yr huge
record collection. any kind, really. names badly spelled, mistakes in the
design, awfull mastering, wrong pressing, music done with intentional
glitches, music done with broken instruments... anything is suitable for
what we need. we would also appreciate if you could forward this email to
yr friends so we can collect as many examples as we can.
>> tnx a lot for yr help
>> a+r
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