[rumori] Fw: napster/metallica vid [OT]

Hammer Presley (warren_oatesAThotmail.com)
Sat, 13 May 2000 00:05:36 PDT


I am new to this mailing list. Interesting stuff in the archives! I realize
that this is more of a technical question than anything else, but I am
wondering if anyone out there has any experience preserving
newsprint(keeping it from fading/yellowing)

I have been working on a collage I made out of pictures "re-appropriated"
from local newspapers and the like, and after working on this thing for
about 6 months, I am starting to notice parts of it yellowing. I am just
about finished with it (and hope to make it the cover of a
hopefully-soon-to-be-finished CD of also re-appropriated music) and I am now
looking for some why to immortalize it.

Someone suggested clear latex gel might help at least slow the process, but
I wondered if anyone else has any experience in this.


Hammer Presley
Spokesmodel, Reggae Death Squad(tm)

"Ik ben een grote strontzak" -Ik

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