Re: [rumori] chuck D. vers. Lars

Jon Leidecker (
Sun, 21 May 2000 18:00:11 -0700

I was hoping someone had taped this debate, I missed it. It sounds pretty

Steev's away in Europe at the moment of course but hold on to that tape, if
you could convert a tape of it to Real Audio I'm sure Steev'll host it on
Detritus, I really want to hear more of Lars' arguments... they are all
just so astonishing.


>so i watched/taped this mini-debate on charlie rose. it was ok.
>nothing new, but it's interesting to see Lars try so hard to defend his
>stance. i can't say he completely failed against Chuck D... but he didn't
>make any kind of convincing remarks.
>the thing he kept repeating like a mantra was that it wasn't about the
>money, man. it's about "CONTROL".
>yeah, i think we've heard this kind of talk before.
>and in addition he tried to emphasize that this is all just an effort to
>prevent a horrible future where everything is up for grabs and artists
>totally lose "CONTROL" over their "ORIGINAL" artwork "MADE BY SCRATCH" by
>meanwhile Chuck's retort was that you can't stop the technology and the
>internet has given the power back to the people. and that artists need to
>move along with the times. ie sell merchandise/stuff that is peripheral to
>the music and is much harder to flawlessly duplicate. t shirt bootleggers
>look out!
>the whole debate was only about 15 minutes.
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