Re: [rumori] Re: question

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 02:44:05 PDT

>Also, you can either follow the model of paintings and other artworks that
>incorporate re-used material: e.g Warhol and Kurt Schwitters, although
>Warhol did get sued! (tho that was for copying an illustration) This might
>not be bad publicity, tho, and public opinion would be on your side, as
you >are the good guys for doing recycling.

That's funny. I've never thought of myself actually doing the public a
FAVOUR by not unleashing "NEW" material onto the market when appropriating
perfectly good old material.

My, I feel much better now, almost eco-friendly. Ahhhh... sort of like
fostering instead of having new babies... URGHGGHHHH!!!!

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