Re: [rumori] wobbly lesser gig saturday

From: The Evolution Control Committee (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 02:11:35 PDT

     One of these days I'll remember to look at the To: address when I
reply. Sigh.

     Obligatory content: "The Napster Bomber Speaks"
Mark Gunderson explains how Napster Bombing has helped turn a little known
single into one of the most traded tracks on Napster. In this ZDNet Music
exclusive, Gunderson explains the infuriating Napster bombs, and his
underground take on digital music.

     It's not an amazing interview... well, it was on the phone, but he
took down my answers in shorthand, so a lot was lost. But I try to make the
point that intellectual property, once digitized and online (an
increasingly easy process), is pretty much free. "It's not just that
"Information wants to be free" - it's that there are a lot of people out
there trying really, really,really hard to make a whole lot of information

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