[rumori] [Detritus Announcement] #2 : July 2000

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Fri Jul 21 2000 - 00:48:36 PDT

Detritus Announcement #2: July 21, 2000
Hi there. It has been much longer than expected since the last
Detritus.net announcement. Perhaps this is because I'm always waiting
around for more stuff to announce. Well, anyway, this is short, and short
notice, but, as I always say, it could be worse.
Three main things to mention, all sadly California-centric.
The first two involve performances that are detritus-relevant:

1. Omnimedia v.06
Experimental Electronics and Trickle-Down Technology

Featuring music, visuals, and installations,
crafted from the detritus of our techno-trash society

Sunday July 23, 2000
Live Culture AT The Creamery
2517 San Pablo Ave, Oakland
admission $5-$10
4pm - 1am.

Featured Artists:
Bug Cricket Orchestra
the univac index
Brain Science

more info at www.ovenguard.com/omnimedia

2. The last few hours of Webzine2000 will feature several very keen
sample-slinging artists, including Wobbly, Lesser, Blectum from Blechdom,
and Kid 606. This is in San Francisco at Cellspace, Saturday July 22.
Details at www.webzine2000.com. Note that Detritus.net does not endorse
the rest of the event. Some of it might be nice, but, umm, a lot may not
be. Don't blame us if you show up too early and have to listen to a panel
discusion about "how to fund your e-zine" or whatever....

3. 2000 BC: Bruce Conner Story Part II This is a massive exhibit covering
Conner's entire career. From his amazing found-footage films to his
striking assemblages to his meticulous engraving-collages, and more, we
highly recommend this show! Currently at the De Young Museum in San
Francisco until July 30. Opens October 1 at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary
Art. If you're not near either of those and you missed it at the Walker
and in Fort Worth, there's also the excellent catalog of the same name,
one of the few books in print about Conner, probably available soon in any
good art book store.

                * * * * *

Other news in brief: Detritus.net has a new server, a happily humming
500MHz machine with lots of RAM and diskspace; The Tape-beatles have a new
video version of their work "Matter" available; They've also moved their
entire website to pwp.detritus.net; finally, a few new Detritus streaming
mp3 audio projects are in the works - one will (stay tuned) be a sort of
detrital radio station; another is already online in its larval beta-test
form: The Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery! See the Detritus.net front
page for a link to this wonderous experiment in democratic sound collage.

That's all for now. thanx for your support,

Steev Hise
Director of Appropriations
"Art supercedes what's personal. It's a philosophy that serves
patriarchy well and I followed it more or less for 20 years."
                -Chris Krause

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