Re: [rumori] Terror in Tune Town (fwd)

From: kevin leeeeee (
Date: Wed Jul 26 2000 - 11:23:59 PDT

> ->>It's lots easier for musicians to get their stuff out there and network
> ->>but most music-buying folks I've met have a strong identity with what
> ->>listen to, so there's not much of a chance of folks changing their
> ->>choices overnight.
> Which means, I think, that the real power, in the future, will lie with
> those whose business is promotion and branding, who have the marketing
> muscle. Even if you can get whatever you want delivered piping hot from
> your wrist hypertelecommunicator anywhere at anytime, people will still
> need to be told who the current Britney Spears is, and there will always
> be the marketeers there willing to do that.
> smh

absolutely steev!
i'd go so far as to say that this is already the real power now! not even
just in the music industry but in entertainment altogether. it's totally
about marketing/promotion/branding. i'm still amazed at how prevalent
branding is in pop culture (eg people wearing nike logos, pop star t-shirts,

u.s. culture is largely about greed and materialism, correct? what better
way to cater to this mindset than to constantly make available a "what's hot
/ what's not" type of hourly force-fed marketing? next to television, the
internet is the best tool for this type of indoctrination. and it seems
like napster could continue to support the promotion machine. "gee, DMX is
pretty popular on napster today, look at all those songs people have...
Eminem doesn't have as many songs on napster... hmmmmm"


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