Re: [rumori] THE DROPLIFT PROJECT - new copyright infringementcompilation

From: Pan (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 18:32:31 PDT

Steev Hise wrote:
> take all the money. Is this supposed to be ironic? If so, who, really, is
> the butt of the joke?

The butt of the joke would be the record stores. A disk like this would
never be intentionally ordered by them. Yet, it pops up in their stock
by unknown means. There is also another angle. Any large chain store
that ends up selling the disk adds legitimacy to the genre. (* As noted
in the LA Times article, the disk would be sold rather than thrown out)

> Second, who is the intended recipient of the message that the project is
> presumably sending? ...

That's a good point. Originally, the message was meant for the consumer
and the store. Due to time issues and personal motivations the project
became somewhat diluted.

> Anyway, I don't' mean to be overly critical. The actual music on the CD is
> mostly quite good, and I would recommend the disc to anyone who can find
> it (try to buy it from a participant, rather than a store).

You don't have to buy it. It's available off of the Droplift site. My
servers are hosting the audio files in MP3, AIFF and WAV formats. We
were hoping others would create copies and Droplift these themselves.

This project may not have been the pinnacle of DADA art statements, but
it certainly has affected the lives of its participants and consumers.
It united over 50 people, who've met only over the web, for its
creation. We did the work from recording to distribution. There have
been a large amount of downloads on the web. We've gotten some mention
in the media. I have noticed consumers questioning they're own
assumptions about music distribution and licensing. Some of these people
have been "top 40" aficionados. Others have been those oh-so-smug
liberal types who thought they understood. Mission accomplished.


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