Re: [rumori] THE DROPLIFT PROJECT - new copyright infringement compilation

From: Mr. Saturnine (
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 23:59:20 PDT

matt davignon wrote:

> >
> > I love it! Work with this a bit and we might have the next big
> >anti-copyright project..
> >You could list all the famous bands.. and they actually WOULD be on the
> >disc - cut-up, dis-
> >assembled and re-constructed.
> Haha, you could make a compilation CD in which Britney Spears is messed with
> in a song, then N sync in another, then Jennifer Lopez in another. Then you
> SELL the CD and donate all the profits to a widely liked cause, say helping
> children with AIDS. Then, if the labels/lawyers threaten legal action, you
> could say, "Okay, you're the boss! We'll stop helping these children with
> AIDS if that's what you want."
> Then again, maybe that's not the most moral use of children with AIDS.

I think that's what one editorial was murmuring nervously about when
Deconstructing Beck was released: That media-savvy groups could finance causes
using otherwise illegal means by making it awkward for the infringed-upon party
to sue them and make them stop.

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