Re: [rumori] Wobbly show

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Mon Aug 07 2000 - 20:08:32 PDT

hi matt and thanks for inviting me to talk about myself a lot.

well the show is being put together by mr. jose martinez of South to the
Future, which runs a column in the SF Weekly and also a very odd anti-store
in the south mission. The operative word of the evening seems to be Pop.
Cubby Creatures are a weirdish local pop group with a website, Pepito (Jose
and his wife Ana) fashion very tuneful songs with beat-up electronics,
guitars and lyrics in Spanish, Atole seems to make pop out of fairly
decomposed sounds, and I make sounds out of fairly decomposed pop. In this
case, Julio Iglesias, although I'm coming to respect his work too much to
really do what I need to do with it so there will be lots of other things
thrown in as well.

Peacock Lounge is starting to do weird events, which is good news for us.
There was a Haus de Snaus show a few months back, and the recent
Disc/Blectum/Kid606 show was a wonderful time.

I'm on first at 8pm (getting the noise music of the evening over with
first) and it's five dollars and it's 552 Haight Street around fillmore I
think, and please everybody come on over.


>There's a Wobbly show this coming thursday at the Peacock Lounge in lower
>haight area, SF. This is just two blocks from my house! I'd love to know
>more about it!
>Matt Davignon
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