[rumori] So vulnerable... / etc.

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 - 23:29:00 PDT

At 08:59 PM 8/16/00 -0700, Steev wrote:

>... The laws need to change. Until then, they need to
>be resisted. But, resist consciously. Be aware of the risks. Don't be
>falsely confidant that you're "covered" by Fair Use...

     Nope, I'm so vulnerable that I feel a breeze across mah bare ass...

     A couple off the subject things, if I may be so bold:

<> Our low-powered-but-unlicensed station here in Columbus Ohio got busted
today. Supposedly FCC agents were randomly sweeping the airwaves about
seven miles away (even though they're from Detroit, which is 200 miles
away), they detected his broadcast, then triangulated their way to his
doorstep. They didn't confiscated gear or charge him with anything, but did
write down the serial numbers of his gear and told him he'd be receiving a
warning letter in the mail. Whatever the case, we're off the air... oh
well... but I have a number of my shows streaming at:


<> I'm going to Burning Man and hoping to make a slight ECC presence
there... any other plunderers going? I'd love to know beforehand and then
maybe we could bring gear to work together on... haven't decided where
we're camping yet but will soon. While there, look for the ILL VILLAGE or
Burning Lanes (I'm going to set up a small bowling alley if possible). I'm
also going to relaunch a project I did about 8-9 years ago with little
success called The Automated Hobo Project, where I drop tape recorders into
people's hands with the instructions (written on the recorder itself) to
record something and pass it on. Hopefully I'll get a few tapes back at the
end where people have recorded some interesting stories and sounds.

<> I'm likely to be in Europe around the end of October and/or the
beginning of November. If anyone would like to organize an ECC appearance
in their town, drop me a line and let's see if we can make it happen...

     Thanks all; sorry for the somewhat off-subject content...

- Mark G.

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