[rumori] hack sdmi - official invite!

From: H. (hATweirdness.com)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 02:07:51 PDT


An Open Letter to the Digital Community
Here's an invitation to show off your skills, make some money, and help
shape the future of the online digital music economy.

The Secure Digital Music Initiative is a multi-industry initiative working
to develop a secure framework for the digital distribution of music. SDMI
protected content will be embedded with an inaudible, robust watermark or
use other technology that is designed to prevent the unauthorized copying,
sharing, and use of digital music.
We are now in the process of testing the technologies that will allow these
protections. The proposed technologies must pass several stringent tests:
they must be inaudible, robust, and run efficiently on various platforms,
including PCs. They should also be tested by you.

So here's the invitation: Attack the proposed technologies. Crack them.

By successfully breaking the SDMI protected content, you will play a role in
determining what technology SDMI will adopt. And there is something more in
it for you, too. If you can remove the watermark or defeat the other
technology on our proposed copyright protection system, you may earn up to

To participate, just go to the website at www.hacksdmi.org after September
15, 2000 and read the public challenge agreement. If you agree to the terms,
you will have until at least October 7, 2000 to do your best.

SDMI is a body that includes 200+ companies and organizations from start ups
to global enterprises, and from around the world. Participants include
leading consumer electronics, information technology, music, and wireless
telecom companies. (More information can be found at www.sdmi.org)

Here's your chance to shape the future of digital music.

Leonardo Chiariglione
Executive Director, SDMI

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