Re: [rumori] Ulrich and Fanning at MTV Awards
Date: Sat Sep 09 2000 - 20:56:22 PDT

> excerpt from an AP article on the MTV Video Music Awards:
> One of the night's best jokes was silent: Napster founder Shawn Fanning
> appearing on stage in a Metallica T-shirt. The heavy metal band is leading
> the fight to stop Fanning's Internet song-sharing service.
> ``Nice shirt,'' MTV's Carson Daly said. Metallica's Lars Ulrich, sitting
> the audience, feigned sleep.
> AP-NY-09-08-00 0256EDT
> >> this was a "skit" like they do, i guess. one of the wayan brothers
> >> acting like some college kid downloading stuff on napster. suddenly,
> >> lars ulrich(?) from metallica walks in and the "kid" starts acting
> >> all star-struck: "metallica is so cool!", etc.
> > was it lars ulrich or someone imitating him?
> I can't imagine Lars having enough of a sense of humor about this
> and issue to partake, but I could be wrong. Heck, if it were him, I'll be
> impressed.

Caught the repeat today ... damn, I think that really was Lars in that skit.

Also, the above AP story doesn't mention one of Fanning's remarks I thought
was amusing ... when Daly mentioned the shirt, Fanning said something to the
effect of 'a friend passed it on to me, I'm thinking of getting one of my

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