[rumori] Kinda re: single Napster user persecuted

From: Taylor McLaren (pasteATinterlog.com)
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 18:58:40 PDT

MEEP! Haus der Steev <steevATdetritus.net> wrote:
>abolutely ridiculous...
...and then attached a message that I'm assuming he also read through
nettime, and one that was presented in a decidedly different fashion on
that list.
  I'm a tad bit more worried by the fact that the RIAA suddenly finds
itself in a position to go after individual users of Napster while the fate
of the service itself is still up in the air. Does this strike anybody else
as an attempt at setting a precedent on an individual level (making the
*use* of Napster a criminal activity) as the first step in demonstrating
that the service itself should be shut down? Or is that too obvious a
question to ask in a forum for musicians who have already been chased down
and beaten for making use of technologies and techniques that have never
been explicitly outlawed?
  In any event, I think it's odd that the lawsuit itself was the focus of
Steev's posting, while the comments from the nettime poster concentrated on
the supposedly hysterical tone of the Reuters copy-writer. I'd love to know
what prompted the latter observation...


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