[rumori] An Open Letter to Vicki Bennet

From: Dr. Frances Lengel (diskonoATlineone.net)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 03:27:16 PDT

Dear Miss Bennett,

After perusing a copy of your new CD on 'Hot Air', be advised
that our bill for the use of "Jane B." (composed by Felix Kubin,
as featured on Diskono 012, thanks, but no thanks for the 'remix'),
will follow in the post.

We deem it to be an entirely reasonable fee, considering the
circumstances, it seems that you could not even wait until it's corpse
was cold before chopping it up, we only released this record four
months ago, and have yet to see a return on manufacturing.

The simple use of the music would not have bothered us in the least,
but this sort of conduct against so-called allies in the fight against the
'generation of swine' who control this filthy 'music' industry and seek to
crush us all under their Patrick Cox boot heels, seems to us in the least,
to be both ungracious and misguided.

You see Miss Bennet, our main gripe is not with appropriation, but with
the outright lack of contact or even simple creditation on the matter,
damn right bad manners!

What the hell kind of operation are you running anyway? Or don't you
figure you need other people to put out your music? Your pious griping
about Staalplaat changing your releases without consultation now seems
to us like pure hypocrisy on your part.

Fortunately, we have enough work with other parties, we don't make big
money, but we make enough to visit Brighton and still be able to raise
hell when we get there. There's nothing we like better - both as a healthy
exercise and as good material for our biographers - than to gather some
of our ham fisted friends from the Celtic Supporters Club and clean out the
whole town.

Too many people in this gutless world have come under the impression
that musicians are a race of finks, queers and candy asses to be biked,
cheated and mocked as a form of commercial sport. It should be noted
however, that some musicians tend to enjoy violence for it's own sake,
and feel that a good fight, with the inevitable destruction of all nearby
equipment and furniture, is nearly as fine for the nerves as a bottle of
Jack Daniel's whisky.

You may or may not have the decency to give me some reply


Frances Lengel

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