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From: suzi (suziATdisinfo.net)
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 16:36:57 PDT


On Tue, 03 Oct 2000 20:58:49 +0100 Docktor Frances Lengel <diskonoATlineone.net> wrote:
>Dear Miss Bennett
>We have perused the message below and consulted with Docktor Ttocshagg, the
>man who claims to have heard every record that has existed, he states no
>such record as "Female Of The Species" exists and until you can provide
>evidence to the contrary, we will be recruting sturdy fellows from the
>local Masonic lodge (Patrick Taig Branch.111), to come down to Brighton and
>force feed you mouldy potatoes until you admit to your henious crimes
>against Diskono, Docktor Ttocshagg also classified your message as "mostly
>apocraphyl", and we never doubt the Docktor's classification.
>Frances Lengel
>> Of course you can't be expected to know that the "Jane B" tracks by myself
>> and my good friend/colleague Felix Kubin were a joint project from back in
>> summer 1996 where we both remixed the same Jane Birkin track.
>> We were going to release it as a split 12" but when it didn't happen we
>> both released our individual tracks elsewhere. My track was first released
>> about a year ago on the "Female of the Species" compilation, with a nice
>> big credit to Klangkrieg, Felix's other project - I got ONE copy of the
>> compilation, and so alas could not send out copies to people like you, or
>> Felix.
>> I think Felix Kubin is an amazing artist and brilliant person, and think
>> that our project was and is a matter between the two of us. Thanks anyway,
>> and sorry you had to write such a long letter.
>> Vicki
>> People Like Us
>>>Dear Miss Bennett,
>>>After perusing a copy of your new CD on 'Hot Air', be advised
>>>that our bill for the use of "Jane B." (composed by Felix Kubin,
>>>as featured on Diskono 012, thanks, but no thanks for the 'remix'),
>>>will follow in the post.
>>>We deem it to be an entirely reasonable fee, considering the
>>>circumstances, it seems that you could not even wait until it's corpse
>>>was cold before chopping it up, we only released this record four
>>>months ago, and have yet to see a return on manufacturing.
>>>The simple use of the music would not have bothered us in the least,
>>>but this sort of conduct against so-called allies in the fight against the
>>>'generation of swine' who control this filthy 'music' industry and seek to
>>>crush us all under their Patrick Cox boot heels, seems to us in the least,
>>>to be both ungracious and misguided.
>>>You see Miss Bennet, our main gripe is not with appropriation, but with
>>>the outright lack of contact or even simple creditation on the matter,
>>>damn right bad manners!
>>>What the hell kind of operation are you running anyway? Or don't you
>>>figure you need other people to put out your music? Your pious griping
>>>about Staalplaat changing your releases without consultation now seems
>>>to us like pure hypocrisy on your part.
>>>Fortunately, we have enough work with other parties, we don't make big
>>>money, but we make enough to visit Brighton and still be able to raise
>>>hell when we get there. There's nothing we like better - both as a healthy
>>>exercise and as good material for our biographers - than to gather some
>>>of our ham fisted friends from the Celtic Supporters Club and clean out the
>>>whole town.
>>>Too many people in this gutless world have come under the impression
>>>that musicians are a race of finks, queers and candy asses to be biked,
>>>cheated and mocked as a form of commercial sport. It should be noted
>>>however, that some musicians tend to enjoy violence for it's own sake,
>>>and feel that a good fight, with the inevitable destruction of all nearby
>>>equipment and furniture, is nearly as fine for the nerves as a bottle of
>>>Jack Daniel's whisky.
>>>You may or may not have the decency to give me some reply
>>>Frances Lengel
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