Re: [rumori] Re: For an American, you're pretty stupid....

From: Docktor Frances Lengel (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 01:39:02 PDT


> If you use something called the internet to do a search for "Female of
> the Species" you will find a webpage for this release, along with
> reviews, cotributors, ect. Ever heard of the internet? Ever try it?

well, i did try, but found 30000 articles on Scousers Space instead, 1000
web pages on tropical birds and an advert for a Russian vodka, what gives?
what is this internet thing, i'm new to it, and it still frightens me, even
more than been strapped in a chair and forced to listen to a CD on Law &

anyway, i would trust the word of Docktor Ttocshagg over a buch of easily
faked code anyday



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