[rumori] [Detritus Announcement] November, 2000

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 11:21:59 PST

Detritus News, November 2000

Here's the latest update from Detritus.net - new content on
the site, recent or upcoming relevant events, and recent or
upcoming activities of the Detrivores, the artists hosted by


At the Luggage Store in San Francisco this month and next
Steev Hise of Detritus.net has booked a series of live
electronic sound performances by a variety of artists. Many
of these artists employ sampling and collage as primary

November 2:
David Elinoff
Bob Ostertag

November 9:
DJ Spucke
The Trummerflora Collective

November 16:
Steev Hise
Carl Stone

November 30:

December 14:
Boris Hauf

For more information about these shows and the venue, see

Other approaching performances by Detrivores:

November 4:
Wobbly, Steev Hise, and Pepito
at California College of Arts & Crafts, San Francisco
Entertainment for a conference on architecture.
see http://pepito.net/shows.html for more info.

Several People Like Us ( http://peoplelikeus.org ) live dates:
11 November: Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee, Scotland
2 December : Lisbon Numero Festival, Portugal
9 December : An Evening of Appropriation and Plunderphonia at Bristol Cube
Cinema, England (with The Wire Sound System)
29 December : Hamburg Hoerbar, Germany (part of a 2 day festival of noise)

And More Detrivore News:

  Escape Mechanism ( http://detritus.net/escmech )
Recently took part in a media installation curated by Craig
Baldwin, presented by the Walker Art Center. Live CD in the
works; Radio show "Some Assembly Required" is looking for
submissions. A redesign is in the works and some special
shows are planned for early next year. Detritus artists will
be featured exclusively on at least one episode. (Sundays,
9-11pm, radiok.org). Also, an art show opening in December -
Various works of assemblage and collage will be hanging at
the Rogue Buddha Art Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis, thru
the last week of December 2000.

 Carl Stone ( http://sukothai.com )
Guest faculty this summer at IAMAS (International Academy of
Media Arts and Sciences) in Gifu, recorded the basic tracks
for his ACID GIDAYU project with Japanese shamisen artist
TANAKA Yumiko in July. Recently finished his one-year stint
at Other Minds as Guest Creative Director, and had a small
European tour in October.

 New Detrivores

We're pleased to announce 2 new detrivores
have been added to the fold: Wetgate, the all-projector
orchestra, have launched their new website, wetgate.net,
hosted on the Detritus server. Stop by and watch them turn
celluloid into HTML. Really quite magical.

And, HotAir, the UK label responsible for wonderful releases
by Stock, Hausen, and Walkman, Dummy Run, People Like Us,
and more, have recently set up camp on the Detritus machine
as well and are even now building some pages. We'll tell
you the secret URL once the plaster has dried.

-------- Upcoming CD releases --------------

-In the next couple of weeks, the new People Like Us
campfire songs CD, "Fistful of Knuckles" will be out on
Caciocavallo. This will be followed a few weeks later by a
split single with Matmos, on the same theme.

-Negativland's new TRUE/FALSE release is in progress for
release early next year.

-Seeland will be releasing a John Oswald Plunderphonics box
set sometime soon. Watch http://www.negativland.com for

------- New Detritus Content -----------------

Other than yet another archive of exciting discussions from
the Rumori mailing list ( detritus.net/contact/rumori ), the
site has been quiet lately. However, there are 4 of John
Oswald's Mystery Tapes that have recently been encoded to
MP3 waiting to be placed on-line. We will make one
available each week for the next 4 weeks. Check
http://detritus.net/archive/mystertapes/ every Saturday for
the newest offering.

Also, the Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery is up to version
.98b. With 6 days till the big election, what better vote
can you make than a vote for sound collage? Hop down to
http://soundbakery.detritus.net and fill out a ballot, then
listen to the results.

That's it for now. Until the next time....

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