Re: [rumori] IT WORKS!!! If you don't try it.

From: Colin Hinz (
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 11:14:44 PST

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Andrew Lander wrote:

> >From: Colin Hinz <>
> >
> >Holy St.Markov!! The babelizer strikes again!
> >
> >Say, Mr Lander, which incarnation did you use? I'm fond of the perl
> >version myself -- feed it a day's worth of a dozen different lists and
> >much merriment ensues.
> Actually I used a DOS program called Mark V. Chaney. The only babelizers I
> know of are Plagiarist's DEbabelizer and Equilibrium's ripoff of the
> aforementioned. Unless you mean Korenthal's Babble. I am interested in
> other good text maniputilization programs though.
OK, I was using 'babelizer' in a generic sense. Yes, the only 'real'
(de)babelizer is the one at Unfortunately, it's a lot less
fun now, since many of the newspaper sites now generate a 405 error
when debabelized. Rats. We just endured another municpal election here
in Toronto and I was hoping the debabelizer would bring some needed
sanity to the results. Who can debabelize the results now?

Yes, Mark V. Shaney is pretty useful (errr...) too.

The perl script is actually called 'travesty'. I no longer remember
where I got it, but likely it was through some sub-tentacle of CPAN.

Here's a short sample of its output:

} EXE This is the name of the real vi, running under real UNIX, ":set
} nomesg" would prevent other users from sending you messages. Elvis has
} a few steps back and studies Joan's appearance for a given line.
} To paste from the electronic world either. Beyond the realm of
} actually playing the keyboard, as a solo instrument. I had a ribbon
} controller: you put your finger on it, and a program that is all the
} drive that Windows 95 if I told you we'd be taking suggestions for other
} instruments in terms of familiarity of use. Other instruments include
} the ex alias, because there is already a command to repeat the
} previous "edit" command textSearch forward for modulation: I,
} personally, find this design will be executed before elvis loads the
} first and last blocks, and remove any reference to the table. "This
} should help me with my breakfast foods," she comments to herself as
} she drifts to sleep. Joan is still sitting down. Are you going to
} do tag lookup. This is a hack. It doesn't match empty lines. The
} character or line where the cursor through the end of each line. The
} \+ metacharacter is a SysV-derived specification which uses a fairly
} sophisticated tag lookup provided by Novell and the pitch jumped up a new
} wrinkle on old standbys of the documentation. tags This is the name of
} an environment variable named SHELL or COMSPEC for MS-DOS). Its
} value must be a quoted string options - the name of the screen, but
} elvis 3 ELVIS(1) ELVIS(1) scrolls sideways.

> While we're on the subject, does anybody know anything about the cutup
> program Bowie uses?

> &rew

- Colin

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