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From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 15:24:21 PST

Press Release: http://www.peoplelikeus.org/whatsnew.htm
A Fistful of Knuckles - Caciocavallo [Soleilmoon/Cargo UK distribution]
The new PLU CD A FISTFUL OF KNUCKLES is now available. It is a campfire
album - in a very tangential style! People Like Us couldn't contain
themselves in just America. It is on Soleilmoon's CACIOCAVALLO label
[http://www.soleilmoon.com]. Caciocavallo is a cheese, in case you wanted
to know. For a more detailed description of Caciocavallo go to
http://www.peoplelikeus.org/dnload.htm and click on "Caciocavallo". For
more information on the way it tastes, please go to your local
delicatessen, and be sure to take a tape recorder and send the results on
mp3 to caciocavalloATpeoplelikeus.org.
Thanks to Adrian, Rik, Peter, Jon, Drew, Martin, Ian and Donny for help and
er "cultural advice" on this release, and to Charles at Soleilmoon of course.

In the next couple of months there will be a 7 inch released featuring
extensions of work from A Fistful Of Knuckles, by both Matmos
[http://www.brainwashed.com/matmos/] and People Like Us. PLU and Matmos
will be doing a Live Western collaboration in London in February as part of
the Rough Trade anniversary celebrations [mailto:listserverATroughtrade.com
with subscribe 25years in the BODY of the email].

Hot Air, home of Stock, Hausen and Walkman and also PLU's Thermos Explorer
album now have a very nice website growing - take a look at

Wet Gate also now have a website hosted by Detritus - http://www.wetgate.net

And don't forget to check out the audio on http://www.minicomm.org - there
is a 45 minute collage of People Like Us and Friends streaming under "Echo".

There are some new mp3s up on the PLU website -

And talking of which, Daniel Beattie who built the difficult clever bits on
the PLU website earlier this year has his own site at

Also, if you're on napster see if username: peoplelikeus is there sharing
files. Long live free mp3 exchange. Perhaps big money grabbing telephone
companies such as British Telecom and suchlike might want to donate some
money to the major labels for our mp3s.

LIVE IN LISBON - 2nd December
Meanwhile, the next month sees 3 performances in Europe for us, the first
being in two weeks time in Lisbon at the Numero Festival
[http://www.numerofestival.com/] - it looks like it's going to be pretty
good, a bit of a mini-Sonar I hope. Here is the line up:

Thursday, 30th November, 22.00H
Pan Sonic (Live act, Finland)
Russell Haswell (DJ-live set, England)
Chicks on Speed (Live act, Germany)
Fat Cat (Live act, England)
Major Eléctrico (DJ set, Portugal)
Friday, 1st December, 22.00H
Richard H. Kirk (Live act, England)
To Rococo Rot (Live act, Germany)
DjxDj (DJ set, England)
A. Shrimp (DJ set, Portugal)

Saturday, 2nd December, 22.00H
People Like Us (Live act, England)
Kid 606 (Live act, U.S.A.)
Aphex Twin (Live act, England)
Expander (DJ Set, Portugal)

Sunday, 3rd December, 22.00H
Space boys (DJ set, Portugal)
Micro Audio Waves (Flak + Carlos Morgado - Live act, Portugal)

Also - a many more multimedia events on top of this.
And alcohol consumption.

LIVE IN BRISTOL - 9th December
The following week sees The Wire's Interference event in Bristol, England
at The Cube cinema [http://www.cubecinema.com/]. Press Release follows:

A night of renegade music and film focusing on the history of Cultural
Jamming and the artists working in the field featuring “People Like Us”
(LIVE), the film “Sonic Outlaws” and the “Wire Sound System”.

People Like Us is the work of Vicki Bennett, whose (over 25) CDs and LPs
feature her unique "plunderphonic" styling. Dadaist samplings and
reshuffling of cultural oddities from a discarded past is a recurrent
theme, as is the use of intercepted radio broadcasts gutted and completely
recontextualised. There is an air of both humour and impending doom within
the work of PLU.

The unique performances of People Like Us include a collage of found
imagery and sound. The moving pictures are mostly video transfers from
16mm educ/informational films. The sound comes from a wider range,
sampled from many musical genres and sources far less tuneful. The sources
are all pre-processed to an extent, and will be mixed and manipulated
further in the environment. The intention to build new stories by
juxtaposing sometimes disparate imagery (both for the eye and ear) will
fill the cinema with an air of manipulation both mesmerising and obvious.

San Francisco based Craig Baldwin has a history of using guerrilla
tactics in dealing with the mass media. His film “Sonic Outlaws” (1985) is
an documentation of montage, sound and image seized from corporate media
and redeployed for subversive purposes. The backbone being made up from
NEGATIVLAND (the underground Bay Area quartet-famous for their sound
collages) practises and the legal troubles they got into when parodying U2
and being dumped by the indie label SST. The film also includes John
Oswald, fake adverts, radio pranks and Casey “Top 40” Kasem embarrassing
outtakes that spin in and out of Baldwin’s radical collages. The film
ultimately poses the question (still being answered) of whether there is an
“underground electronic folk culture capable of collectively ‘culture
jamming’ late capitalism’s empire of signs.”

The Wire, the worlds leading advanced music magazine, bring their Sound
System and journalists to the event as co-promoters. www.thewire.co.uk

DATE: Sat 9th Dec
TICKETS: £5/6 Advance from Imperial Records
TIME: 7.30 till 12.

Wire Sound System in the bar.
7.45-Sonic Outlaws.
Debate on the practises/ethics/art of plundering.
9.30-People Like Us (Live) in the cinema.
10.30-11.30- Wire Sound System in the bar.


The Cube Cinema
4 Princess Row
Bristol BS2 8NQ
PH: 00 44 (0)117 9074190
FX: 00 44 (0)117 9074697

LIVE IN HAMBURG 28th and 29th December
Want to escape from the dreadful C-word at the end of December? Come to
Hamburg! The Hoerbar are having their Jahresausklang festival once more.
This is the best place in Hamburg for Music Like Ours and the clientele are
very friendly if not slightly psychotic. It's a two day affair and you
should try and come along. Email HoerbarebingerATaol.com for further
details and check local press for the area.
Line up so far:

Audiotubbies (HH)
M. Behrens (F)
People Like Us (GB)
Klangkrieg (HH)
Asmus Tietchens (HH)
Xyramat (HH)
Y-Ton_G (HH)
Disastronaut (London)
Inchspector Lefthand and Inchspector Drop-out (HH)
Zipo (Münster)
El Stick (HH)

Hoerbar c/o b-movie
Brigittenstr. 5
20359 Hamburg

That's about it. Coming up in the spring - live collaboration with
Matmos, also a Fistful of Knuckles set as part of a Soleilmoon Recordings
night in London and a single on Klanggalerie, Vienna of Napster grabs.
Also, People Like Us feature a track on the cover CD of the current issue
of Mixmag (UK). Not that they gave me any copies.

Thanks to Dundee Contemporary Arts for hosting PLU recently, and also the
FCMM in Montreal, including the very entertaining and loud ladies from
Brave New Waves [http://radio.cbc.ca/programs/bnw/], who explained to me at
length the difference between spandex and lycra. Watch a video stream of
the Montreal gig while you can -

Here's to 2001.


People Like Us

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