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U B U W E B :: N E W__R E S O U R C E S :: L A T E__A U T U M N__2000


Arabic Calligraphers in Paris (1970s)
    [Hossein Zenderoudi]
    [Hassan Massoudy]
    [Rachid Korachi ]
French Letterists 1940s-1970s
    [Albert Dupont]
    [Isidore Isou]
    [Gabriel Pomerand]
    [François Poyet]
    [Alain Satie]
Bern Porter: 76 Found Poems


Michael Basinski: The Doors
Charles Bernstein + Susan Bee "Log Rhythms"
Brian Lennon : New Flash Poetry
Brian Lennon + Jim Andrews: New JavaScript Poetry
Marilyn Rosenberg: Visual Poetry from the 1980s
Sam Stark: 6 Animations


Georges Aperghis - Recitations for Solo Voice, 1977-1978
Antonin Artaud - Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu (1947, complete)
Samuel Beckett - Theatrical Interpretations of Texts
Henri Chopin - Le Corpsbis & Co.
Fluxus Anthology
Takayuki Nakano - 2 Poems with text by James Joyce
Joerg Piringer - New Political Sound Poems
Pierre Schaeffer - Solfege de l'object sonore
Demetrio Stratos - Cantare la Voce

                    ---FOUND + INSANE---

18 New Found + Insane Poems from the Streets of New York City


Darren Wershler-Henry, ed. Open Letter 3 (2000)
John Strausbaugh on David Daniels

              UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry

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