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From: Every Man (
Date: Sat Dec 16 2000 - 03:31:22 PST

At 01:16 AM 12/16/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> >No, I love pranks and stunts. But Jay was implying that he
> >would like to *de-emphasize* the stunt and that the content
> >of the CD should be more important, and yet keep the stunt
> >sort of there to help out. That's what I disagree
> >with. If you care about the content, let it stand on it's
> >own, don't ride the coattails of the Droplift Project to get
> >more attention.
>Gotcha. Then we ARE in accord.

I'm beginning to get tired of hearing this repeatedly,
without a suggestion as to what ELSE to do, if we aren't
going to drop it into stores for free. It's not going to bear
the Droplift name, what else do you want?

Is this what you are suggesting, Rabbit? Let it stand on its
own as a "free CD" which will be Droplifted, but we won't call
it that, eh? We'll make up a new word for it and dust the "droplift"
word under the carpet? No, even better...maybe we shouldn't put
it in stores for free, decrease distribution, and never droplift any
CD ever again except for the original Droplift Project? Would you
prefer that?

Steev suggested that if it's good enough on its own, a label
will sign it...but I think this thing is becoming so infringing on
copyrights, I think most labels would run screaming from it.
Also, seeing what happened with Negativland and SST, not
to mention what Island did to them...labels leave a bitter taste
in my mouth.

And I will say for the last time, this is NOT being called
Droplift II. The marketing angle will be about the content,
but the distribution will be the same as droplift. We can
say "Oh, this is just a project that is given away for free."
Right, given away for free...we're droplifting it...we're giving
it away...that's its association with droplift. Rabbit should have
known that, anyone who read the FSFS webpage should
realize that. Serving it off the droplift server only makes sense,
since the distribution is the same, but the concept, the
content, and the restrictions you'll find to be quite different.
I've stated this repeatedly.

Using the Droplift term to get artists has been helpful, however,
seeing as how many artists recognize it now...and many have
wanted to get on the "next" comp...or have asked if there will
be one. I suppose this is as close as it gets.

If you don't want it droplifted into stores as a means of distribution,
and the labels DO run screaming from it...this project will be firehosed
out of existence.

And by the way I'm not a "kill your culture" kind of guy. I prefer to
"feed your culture." I don't think we should smash commercialism,
just help create awareness of how manipulative it can be. I think this
project can assist in doing this, especially if it's put in places where
pop-culture types are likely to find it.

> >I guess that's pretty much what I'm hearing. I think he IS
> >being very naive. But I definitely didn't mean to discount
> >the whole project, just voice my concerns.
>And I'm glad to hear 'em. Especially if they get such an awe-inspiring
>response from Mr. Dunn!

Did you really think so, Rabbit? At least part of his reply suggests that
associating this project with the term "droplift" is a good thing. Above, it's
been established that you and Steev are "in accord" that it is NOT a good

Perhaps it is the "charity" that he liked, and that's what he is
certainly what I've been talking about since my first post to this list. I used
the word "droplift" so you all could better identify with the distribution
I like the word, by the's catchy...but to me it's a method, and in
ways an inevitable movement. Droplift Project was not at all the first CD to be
"droplifted," and I guarantee you it will not be the last.

I am unclear as to what you have a problem with. If it was clear to you that
this isn't bearing the "Droplift" name on the CD, save for a URL on the inner
sleeve perhaps...then what problem do you have with it? Did you think I was
going to go to the press and say "hey, here's another droplift CD!" Or does the
fact that this is being droplifted bother you?

If you think I shouldn't droplift it at all, it appears as though Mr. Dunn
otherwise. His email sums up my feelings in words which I never articulated
before, but hits the nail on the head. I've never been asked to explain it
than the first email I threw at this mailing list, so I never really tried.

Says the awe-inspiring response from Mr. Dunn:
>the name 'droplift' suggests an act of charity, saying WE are the wealthy
>ones, and it's those poor deprived people who only know and consume
>mainstream culture who are the impoverished ones who need our help. they
>are starving for something good, they may not realize it even, but they
>are hungry for more than what the 'cultural production apparatus' (sorry
>about that whiff of marxism) can give them. we, the 'alternatives', the
>'experimental musicians', have plenty of the 'good stuff' so we should
>share it. it's selfish to do otherwise!

Every Man
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