Re: [rumori] copy protection for hard drives

From: Zechariah Harvey (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 16:04:36 PST

    Why waste those valuable unused computer cycles when you can help us
break the encryption on our hard drives?

    The legal implications are just one facet to a bad egg. The technical
setbacks in the transferring and maintaining the flow of data make me wonder
who ever promoted these guys to 'go up the mountain and get rules from god'
status in the computer industry. It's like suggesting taking every computer
off of every network to keep the possibility of copyright infringement
between two people to a minimum.
    Luckily for us, if the precedent that was set with Intel's Unique
Identifier Number on the first run of P3s still holds, we won't have a thing
to worry about.


> Wow, this is really REALLY bad news. Apparently proposed
> modifications to the IDE and SCSI specifications will result
> in each hard drive manufactured encrypting its data with
> its own unique key. This means digital copying of
> copyrighted material will be stopped *at the hardware
> level*. (This will also, by the way, screw up existing
> backup software)
> If this goes through it will happen by NEXT
> SUMMER. All new hard drives will have built-in copy
> protection!
> Of course, it might not work, and someone will probably
> figure out how to hack it. but it's still scary...
> smh
> Steev Hise, Syssy Admin
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> "A capitalist cannot afford the pleasures of conservatism, and of
> neccesity regards tradition as an obstacle to be overcome."
> -Neil Postman
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