[rumori] the political economy of a label (was 'more questions...')

From: evil destruktobot aleph null (anullATenteract.com)
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 07:55:55 PST

Steev Hise wrote:
>2. I'm still against terms like "plunderism" which imply
>that this kind of activity is theft. It's glamorous and edgy
>and gets attention but it sure won't help to sway any
>minds that are already conditioned by the Culture Trust to
>believe in the criminality of uncleared reuse.

while 'plunder---' and 'recontextualism' are catchy tags, i also
wonder if they limit the perception of the music to technique and an
underpinning socio-political-blahblah aesthetic. not that there
isn't a wealth of material to be found there, but once one does away
with the legal and ethical questions, there still will be the creaky
old debate re: whether or not the music equals more than the sum of
its parts.

ever hear of an organization called macos (musicians against the
copyrighting of samples)? it was big in industrial and techno
circles, the brainchild of atom heart (i think). it was a nice thing
while it was around, with some bands copping a 'we don't care what you
sample' attitude and others, like atom heart's lassigue bendthaus
project, flirting with pop-culture context-studies and memetics a la

the nice thing, though, was that it more or less ran in the
background. 'the rampant theft for artistic purposes' angle was there
if you wanted it, but it didn't force the listening experience into a
context. i should do my backpedalling now and say that forcing the
listener into a context isn't a bad thing and someone has to do it

i dunno. just thinking aloud, sorry.


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aleph null. a simple insinuation around silence

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