[rumori] re: More questions and answers.

From: Taylor McLaren (toastATprimus.ca)
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 16:58:25 PST

MEEP! Steev the WWWWW <steevATdetritus.net> wrote:
>I wouldn't really consider an entire track from a CD to be a
>"small bit". That's another artist's complete work, in my
Well, that assumes that entire tracks are being used, but since that's
usually the case when great swaths of material aren't being blenderized on
to a single tape, I'm not going to push that argument.

>It's not quite artistic reuse to make a mix tape
No, but it's recycling of a different sort. I've always used mix tapes as a
way of pointing people towards material and artists that I think they would
like to hear more of; if a representative track appeals to them, then they
have one more reason to buy a copy of the entire album in question.
  I think it's also worth pointing out that Chris Randall can't be the only
musician out there who believes that, if a person genuinely only wants to
hear one song (usually a label-promoted single) from his latest album, it's
excessive and unfair for him to expect them to pay for an entire album of
other, unwanted stuff, especially when it's considered to be good business
sense for a label to hand out promotional (read: "free") singles by the
boatload to promote a new release. In that sense, I think that Napster, mix
tapes, and other limited-scope looting can make for a better-informed, more
selective listening public... and that, in turn, might weaken the more
general association of sampling (more limited-scope looting) with stealing
and other reprehensible activities. (Note to Lloyd: I think this is where
wholesale music copying and sampling run together in my mind... yes,
they're separate *activities* with (usually) different aims, but the
participants have to decide how much of either activity is fair/reasonable
*and* sufficient for their purposes; unless you're saying that the
practices are distinct because the percentages of a complete work or the
number of seconds being copied from A to B aren't the same (and I'm not
suggesting that you are), then I think that there is a process of moral
evaluation that is common to both of them, and I was reacting to your
"separate phenomena with distinct moralities" comment.)


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