[rumori] denormalizing IP

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 10:18:25 PST

Sat, 30 Dec 2000 found Jim Carrico writing:

>we 'de-normalize' IP by giving everything away. Everything , that is, that

I think to 'denormalize' IP what needs doing is more than
just unilateral giving away. Without educating and
de-programming people, and also without legally protecting
yourself, it won't succeed on even a small scale, and of
course it will have to start off small scale. (Unless we do
something like what the Chinese did in Bruce Sterling's
novel "Distraction" - they put ALL software on a free
satellite server, destroying the U.S. economy, which
was mostly based on its software industry.)

( more on legal protection: I advocate using notices on
works that include wording like "Copyleft" or "Right to
non-commercial duplication granted", rather than just "No
Copyright", "not copyrighted" or "anti-copyright". Giving
away everything in today's situation will only leave us open
to being exploited by some corporation that decides to
re-release your "public domain" work - and keep all the

>And at the same time educate people in the
>joys of generosity, remind them that it feels good to give to others, and
>that we wouldn't mind at all if they just gave us money - so that we can
>keep doing this crazy shit instead of driving cabs or whatever for a


although i'm uneasy about phrasing it like this. To me
this sounds like, "you keep driving the cabs, and give us
some of your money so we don't have to, and so you can
consume some crazy stuff when you're not driving the
cabs." My answer would be, "well, why don't I make
crazy stuff too? Why do YOU get to?" (this is
threatening to veer off into another topic so i'll stop

>It's not relying on 'altruism' to think this will work, but enlightened
>self-interest - intelligent egotism.

I think altruism might sway some, self-interest others. But
artists asking for a handout won't be enough, for sure.

Anyway, each act of IP-busting art distribution must be
accompanied by 2 or 3 acts of propaganda, of de-programming.
so, what would the propaganda look like, and how would it be
distributed? we could brainstorm. I'll start:

1. ad-busters-style eye-grabbing ads, posters, stickers.
(what woudl they say exactly?)

2. constant evangelizing - at shows, in liner notes,
interviews, etc.

3. linernote sub-idea: cite your sources, and include the
sources of your sources, and background. e.g. "the guitar
loop comes from 'You Shook Me', by Led Zeppelin, who
themselves borrowed the song from Blind Willie Dixon.
Dixon's publisher, ____, recieves an x% royalty. Should
they? Dixon's family receives 0% of that. Should they?
Oh, by the way, Dixon got ideas for lots of his lyrics
hanging out with _______, and copped lots of his playing
style from ______, who learned from _______."

4. sem-tangential linernote sub-idea 2, for given-away
music: include financial details with each track. e.g. " i
spent 40 hours on this piece. At my day job I'm paid
US$20/hr. Therefore if I had just worked that time instead
of making this piece, I could have bought a used car, or
paid another month's rent, or bought a new computer, or 200
pints of Hagen-Daz ice cream. But instead I made this piece,
as a gift to you."

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