Re: [rumori] What is this freenet that you speak of?

From: Reed Hedges (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 15:08:29 PST

>Which leads me to another question... what if this thing really took off
>and the government decided to enhance it's anti-encryption laws to make it
>illegal to install and run the freenet software at all? Something like
>this wouldn't be totally unprecedented. Just a thought based on

people would run it anyway. and they'd find ways to obscure the evidence
that they were. how can you prove you;re running freenet when its all

(1. default or commonly used freenet ports - easy to hide 2. patterns in
the initial protocol negotiation (the 'bootstrap' into completely encrypted
data) - hard, perhaps possible)

also, most anti-crypto laws will be increasingly hard to pass, since crypto
is necesary for e-commerce.

the gov't seems to be easing its import/export restrictions (the way crypto
is regulated) a bit.... possibly a hopeful sign.

one way to make it hard for the government to begin banning crypto, is to
use it as much
as you can. when it becomes a common practice on the internet, banning
crypto will be impractical
and impossible. it should be built into applications (like freenet).

at that point, the government will have to find sensible and proper ways of
regulating behavior on the net--
behavior, not technology.


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