Re: [rumori] Freenet, IP, Crypto, Privacy

From: Reed Hedges (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 20:27:00 PST

> seen by "everyone." Universal Panopticon!
> I thought this was an absolute nightmare, at first.

well, if it's truly universal, it's not really a panopticon.
it's sort of an antipanopticon.

i used to advocate this idea as well, that we really should not
be hiding our data, that it should all be free. and i still believe
in giving access to data, but the reality is that there will allways
be some who have more power, because of physical strengh or technology
or law, over others. and security and privacy is a tool (a weapon,
or sheild) that people with power may wish to control, in order to
perpetuate their power. but fairly strong crypto (that nothing short
of a quantum computer could break in a lifetime) is technologically
available to all (you can run it on your pc).

government paranoia aside, spam is fucking annoying.

['panopticon' aka 'the inspection house' - the perfect jail, 24 hour
undetectable surveillence built into the walls of the building (this was 1791,
and the idea involved lots of mirrors and prisms)]



Reed Hedges

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