Re: [rumori] Ten Reasons DVD Audio Will Fail

From: Lang Thompson (
Date: Thu Jan 11 2001 - 19:53:56 PST

This almost reads like a joke except it's not actually funny. What to make
of statements like "No computer will play DVD Audio" or "No DVD player sold
to date will play DVD Audio" when the same is true of, say, DAT and this is
a pretty well-established format now. "99% of albums don't have surround
information" only means we'll listen to them without surround. "Most
people think MP3 sounds good enough" is probably just as true of cassettes
in their car.

I guess what whoever wrote this may be trying to say is that DVD Audio
isn't likely to become the mass-market audio standard but so what? It
could very easily fit into a niche and survive quite nicely just as
laserdisc did (at least until DVD). The appeal is clearly mainly for
audiophiles but who knows what it'll be like in ten years with the
possibility of backwards compatible players and standards conversions
making DVD Audio widespread even if most people don't care a flip whether
it's 24 or 16 bit. After all in 1991 recordable CDs seemed a wild idea
while something like DVD was mostly science fiction and how many people
even knew about the Internet? The future, as the Clash said, is unwritten.


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