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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 17:54:46 PST

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    Personally, I'll probably either go back to FTP searching or some
 other peer-to-peer network. Wired a few months ago had an entire
 two-page graphic devoted to all the networks out there. Most
 notably, Nutella is in use and growing with the threat of Napster
 going pay-per-play.
    But I was actually interested in what you said about people not
sharing anything interesting any more. I hadn't really thought about
it until you posed that question but I must say I first started using
the service to look for obscure songs. I actually found them and kept
using the service. But when it does finish its metamorphosis (think
"1941" -- 'ah! I'm a bug!') I wonder if the people still using it
will just become puppets of the popular media? No more Boingo
bootlegs, no more Devo concerts, just pure pop-culture smut. It makes
you wonder if they would ever incorporate it into more mainstream
music standings. I've seen some charts with 'Top Ten Napster
Downloads' and such...but I wonder if they would even use it as a way
to judge popularity?
    I know many services that came along the same time as Napster
died a slow painful death because of the repetition you found in
their shares. There was little variety, just the same old Top 40 on
everyone's computer. Now, I know that Pop Music gets its name from
being 'Popular' but I'd think people would exercise just a bit more
individuality in their music tastes -- even if they were mainstream.
But it seems that people recently have been testing the waters or
building popularity by releasing a few songs, or even 'leaking' an
entire album, to Napster. Perhaps when it does go to a pay service,
it will just be used a breeding ground for music companies that are
getting involved to push their filth on people and then use those
ratings as an indicator of how many people like their music. "Look!
the service we own part of has our songs as the most downloaded
songs! They must be good!"
    Sorry for the eclectic post, too much Boingo and a bunch of
different points popped up at once. =)

: : Zechariah Harvey

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> Hi,
> I was wondering just how many people on this list use napster? Not
> that I want the whole list being clogged up with people saying "I
> do!" (it's bad enough getting 8 identical mailouts from ME
> yesterday if you were extra special).
> Was curious about where everyone is going to go once people start
> having to pay in June to download? It seems highly unlikely that
> anyone is going to be sharing anything interesting from that point
> onward, but well, we've all got the bug now, haven't we? I don't
> know the way stuff like audiognome works - does it rely on
> something like napster (a midway server hosting text files)?
> There seems to be a strong community on napster with some strong
> views on freedom of file sharing and it really worries me that
> this may fragment. I
> don't want to have to end up sifting thru tons of shared porn files
> on gnutella either. Any thoughts on what may happen, is this
> community going to fragment or will napster 2 come along? Is it
> already here?
> Sorry if this is a boring thing to talk about but I've become
> almost reliant on napster to make music now, ha ha...

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