[rumori] re: napster

From: Taylor McLaren (toastATprimus.ca)
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 23:25:49 PST

MEEP! Steev Hise <steevATdetritus.net> wrote:
>the above mention on searching brings up another problem i
>have in general with all this peer-to-peer stuff - it's so
>far all been based on filenames. i hate that. filename
>searching presumes that everyone is naming their files
>intelligently. what about all those files named
>"Track01.mp3"? i wish there was some way for there to be a
>richer index of content.
That's one of the things that has always driven me crazy with Naptser...
for a service devoted entirely to sharing MP3 files, it could stand to do
an awful lot more in the way of exploiting the file format to its fullest.
I mean... hello? ID3 tags? I don't name the files on my hard drive
according to the ARTIST-TRACK TITLE.MP3 convention because I already *know*
what I've put there, and don't need to be reminded that "Disembody" is a
Die Warzau b-side. Why shouldn't it be possible to search *that*
information, at least as an interim step towards something that can be as
obsessively annotated as, say, a CDDB2 record?


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