[rumori] Ogg Vorbis?

From: UbuEditor (editorATubu.com)
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 18:21:19 PST

Got this today during my WFMU radio show. I was discussing some of the ideas
thrown around on this list on the air and Listener Dave suggested Vorbis.

Seems to be a streaming solutions, tho...dunno...

--Kenny G / WFMU / UbuWeb

PS--WFMU's MP3 streams are about to be shut off cuz Oven, the internet
company that so graciously donated them went out of business yesterday.

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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 13:50:02 +0000
From: Dave Scarbrough <dscarbroughATm-1.com>
To: kennygATwfmu.org
Cc: kenATwfmu.org
Subject: future of e-music

you mentioned napster and how it will be "shutting down" soon.
part of this issue is related to the fact that the mp3 format is also
not going to be free after the first of the coming year (licensing

thanks to the fine folks in the open source/linux world, there
is now a new free, open source, never to cost anything to
anyone replacement for the antiquated mp3, real, and
quicktime formats.

it's called ogg vorbis, and it is basically similar in structure to
quicktime streaming technologies. the audio quality is
outstanding, it does video, it is the future, it is out
there now, it is growing, and it is the future.

my guess is that fmu and all other legitimate cool folk will
be dumping their real streams, windows media, and mp3
streams in the next couple years and moving to ogg vorbis.

it is god.


Dave Scarbrough
Director of Technical Resources
Media One, Inc.
(605) 339-0000

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