[rumori] Fwd: [gw_bush] Getting sued by AOLTimeWarnerCNN!

From: Hammer Presley (warren_oatesAThotmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 08:44:52 PST

This just in...

>From: infoATgwbush.com
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>To: gw_bushATyahoogroups.com
>Subject: [gw_bush] Getting sued by AOLTimeWarnerCNN!
>Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 20:22:30 -0000
>Hi everyone! I'm being sued by AOLTimeWarnerCNN. Can you believe
>this? This is getting weird: I put up a site teasing Bush, and he
>flips out and attacks me until the site is "world famous." Then I put
>up the Coutercoup.org site, and national protests erupt. Then I put
>up a little site, CNNdn.com, just for fun--it doesn't even criticize
>CNN--and before I know it the world's largest media conglomerate is
>suing me. The Web certainly gives an individual the ability to
>effortlessly make waves! The CNNdn.com site was just something I did
>for fun in a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon. My intent was
>simply comment on the future of the economy.
>Please take a look at the site. I've got all the letters from CNN and
>my responses up there as well as a running commentary by me on the
>case and the whole experience. The case has already received national
>and international press coverage--I got to go on BBC world service
>(50 million listeners) the other day.
>tomorrow. So please spread the word that CNNd.com will now be
>available at a different address:
>After tomorrow's hearing in Atlanta the case will go on. I'll go to
>Atlanta to defend the right to publish parody on the Web whenever the
>actual civil trail begins.
>ps: Bush=Recession bumperstickers will be available starting Feb 11 at
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